Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Transfer Fee for new purchases of homes?

Yes,  The transfer fee is currently $250.

What are the rules on parking?

Please do not park your vehicles on the street overnight. If you are unable to use your garage for parking, please park in your driveway. Anytime you must use the street for parking, please be aware of the neighbors who live across the street and next door. Please do not block access to mailboxes or park where it would be difficult for your neighbors to back out of their driveway.

How do I contact the Board of Directors?

You can email the Board at [email protected]. We also have a Facebook page called Sehoy Subdivision. On the page, you can "Like Us" to receive updates and Daphne City Information.

How do I contact the management company?

You can email The Property Shop at [email protected] or call at 251-210-1818. You may also contact The Property Shop through the website.

Where/how can I pay my POA dues?

You can mail in a check to Sehoy POA, PO Box 668, Daphne, AL 36526. You may also go online to and click on Make Payment. You will need your Account number.

If I receive a compliance notice, how do I know others are too?

If you receive a notice of non-compliance from the POA, please know that no one is being singled out and that The Property Shop strives to apply the restrictions to all residents equally and fairly. Even if you notice a property has not come into compliance, it doesn't mean that it is not being addressed. There is a system in place that has to be followed. Please see the FAQ on Compliance Policy.

Who manages the POA?

The POA is managed by The Property Shop. The Property Shop has been in the association management business for over 7 years. They handle all of the billing, accounts receivable and payables, and monitor and enforce compliance issues with relation to the Covenants and Restrictions. They handle all communications regarding non-compliance. They patrol the neighborhood weekly to check for compliance. They also welcome you, as residents, to contact them if you see an infraction. Each infraction will be addressed anonymously so you can live in peace with your neighbors. Their job is meant to help you maintain your property values and ensure community enjoyment for all residents. They can be reached at [email protected] or 251-210-1818.

What are the annual dues in Sehoy and when are they due?

The annual dues are $217 and are due January 1st of each year and considered late if received after March 1.

How many properties are in Sehoy?

There are a total of 246 lots in Sehoy.

How do I report a compliance issue in the neighborhood?

You can contact The Property Shop and notify them of any compliance issues. They can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 251-210-1818.

How do I know what rules I need to follow?

The full set of Covenants & Restrictions can be found on the website under Pages - Documents.

How do I get permission to make an improvement to my property?

You will need to complete an ARC (Architectural Review Committee) form that can be found on the website under Pages. Once completed, you will send to The Property Shop and they will forward to the ARC for their review.

What is the compliance policy?

If an infraction is noted, you will receive a Courtesy Notice which will outline the infraction. If the infraction isn't corrected within 10 days, you will receive a Notice of Violation. If the infraction isn't corrected within 10 days following that, you will be issued a fine of $100 and will have 7 days to correct it. If it is still not corrected, you will be issued a 2nd fine of $200 and will have 5 days to correct it. If it is still not corrected after that, you will receive another fine of $300 and will have 3 days to correct it. After this stage, an additional fine of $600 will be assessed and a lien will be placed on your property. Anytime an attorney is involved, you will also be responsible for all legal costs associated with the lien filing and collection attempts. 

When is garbage, recycling and debris pickup?

Garbage pickup occurs each week on Tuesdays. Recycling, which can be placed in blue plastic bins labeled "recycle," is picked up every Friday. Garbage and recycling cans can be placed on the street the night before pickup. Please keep cans out of sight while not waiting for pickup. Daphne Utilities can be reached for information regarding garbage and recycling. Other debris pickup, such as grass clippings and tree limbs, can be placed curbside for pickup on Wednesdays. Debris can be placed on the curb the night before pickup. For more detailed information, please see the Daphne Public Works website.

What types of improvements require Architectural Committee approval?

Any improvements/changes to the exterior of your home require approval, including but not limited to, fence installation, tree removal, new roofing, landscaping changes, additions such as pergolas, decks and porches, storage units, exterior painting, shutter addition, etc. Please do not start a construction project before contacting and receiving approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

How do I report a street light that is out?

Please call Riviera Utilities at 251-626-5000 with the number on the post and street name. Riviera Utilities is responsible for the repair and replacement of street lights in our neighborhood.

What are the rules on pets?

If you walk a dog, please be sure the dog is leashed. Also please pick up any solid waste your dog leaves behind on the sidewalks, common area or in another resident's yard. Please be considerate.

Does Sehoy have an annual yard sale?

Yes, Sehoy hosts an annual yard sale in the Spring.